Keep Main Street Bright!

Have you noticed Main Street has been a little dark lately? This is because 55 out of the 73 light fixtures in the median are burned out.

Great news: Springfield Improvement Association and Archives along with generous donors are upgrading them to more cost effective LED bulbs. This will reduce the monthly electric cost, they will last longer, assist with security, and enhance the overall look of Main Street.

The total cost to replace all 73 fixtures is $13,845. Due to the cost work will be completed in two phases. The first phase to replace 31 lamps will be done in early May.

When Main Street was revitalized, residents and business owners accepted responsibility for all costs associated with the median lighting. SPAR pays the monthly electric bill. Over the years SIAA and business owners have paid the maintenance.

While SIAA has a line item in our annual budget for Main Street Median Lighting additional funding is needed. Any amount is greatly appreciated. Lets continue to keep Main Street bright!

Contributions are tax deductible.